Lawn Care

Single visit residential service starting at $40!

Each job we mow, trim (weedeat), edge, and blow driveways, sidewalks, porches, patios, etc. All included in our quote price. Ask us about lawn sweeping if interested. 

No contract or commitment required... BUT ask us about locking in guaranteed monthly or seasonal discount rates for reoccurring service. 

Current Specials:

Neighbor Rate: $10 Off Per Home* (Weekly or Bi-Weekly)
All neighbors (on the same block) receive $10 off final price per service! For example, if your calculated price is $45, your price will be knocked down to $35!
*Excludes townhomes. Homes must be within 100 yards of each other. 

Townhomes: $30.00 (Weekly or Bi-Weekly)
$30.00 Flat price for townhomes!

Townhome Group Rate: $25.00 Per Home (Weekly or Bi-Weekly)
All townhomes in the group (on the same block) for just $25.00 per service!

Custom Quote Required If:
* 4 or more Acres
* 5 or more Sidewalks
* 11 or more Trees
* 5 or more Fences

Looking for a general idea on what it will cost? Price Calculator
Mention this price estimate and we'll try to accommodate.
Depends on location, size, frequency, etc